Our Story

As a doctor, mother, daughter, wife and patient, I was fed up.    I was tired and frustrated with our medical system.   I have been on the receiving end of poorly delivered, disjointed medical care. It led to medical mistakes and more problems that could have been prevented.   I also have seen my own patients struggle to understand how to manage their health, how to piece together the information that has been provided to them.  Often, patients come to me when they are worried, afraid, and scared about their own future.

The problem is that, as patients, we have not been taught how to skillfully navigate our complex medical system, or what questions should be asked of their doctors and health care providers.  That is my goal. I have created Health & Soul to teach you what you need to know to get the most of your medical care.  

Be organized. Be informed. Be empowered.

Our mission is to help individuals and families write their own story of good health. So many patients I work with feel disempowered by the medical system and their experiences in it. I wanted to create a tool that would facilitate a better experience and therefore, a better outcome. Whenever you want to accomplish something successfully in life, you need a plan.  Medical care is no different.  We help people create that plan and take an active role in their care. Our products guide individuals to organize and thereby understand their own health information. 

Health & Soul  is based on the following principles:

Learn from your past 
Document your present
Prepare for your future

Our process can help to start positive discussions about health management, where people can advocate for themselves. Know your story, empower your future and become a guru in managing your own medical care.