Precautions while eating Fruits

Fruits are the most beautiful thing provided to man from heaven. God has been very kind enough to care  for his every child on the earth. He saw to it that we do not have to struggle for living. Since, childhood we all are fascinated with different colors of fruits. They are beautifully structured and displayed on trees. The different color and various taste makes fruits popular all over the world. As, we all know it is very much essential to eat fruits in our day-today life. Fruits are loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for good health. They also have good amount of water content. Thus, keeps our body hydrated.

When it comes to eating fruits, we all just know that we have to cut, peel, and just relish them. But, many people are unaware that consuming fruits also has right time and right way. It is essential to know when to eat and how to eat fruits. Well, numerous people will provide you different information. The right ways to consume fruits are:

  • Never eat fruits after your meal. They should be consumed on empty stomach. This will help in removing all waste products from the body. Fruits are great source of antioxidants agents that detoxify body.
  • Right way of eating fruitsWhen consumed during the process of detoxification, they provide good amount of energy to our weak body.
  • Usually, when you have an fruit on empty stomach, they are directly digested in intestine. But, when fruits are consumed after meals they get combined with fermentation process of fruits. Thus, turns into acid and ruins entire mass of food.
  • Eating fruits after your meals will get mixed with putrefying ofther food and generates gas. Hence, you may start bloating.
  • Consuming fruits on empty stomach will prevent me nervous outburst, graying hair, and dark circles under eyes.
  • Lemon and orange are acidic in nature because after consuming fruits they all turn into alkaline.
  • Eating fruits increases your longevity, energy, proper weight, and beauty.
  • Drink fruits juice that is 100 % extraction of fruits. There should be no added preservatives, colors, and artificial sweetener. Avoid drinking fruit juice from cans. Make fresh juice at home whenever you need.
  • Do not drink the juice that is heated.
  • Never consume cooked fruits as, cooking looses all its nutrients and vitamins.
  • It is anytime better to consume whole fruit, instead of fruit juice.
  • While drinking fruit juice, drink it slowly sip by sip so that they combined with salvia before gulping them down.
  • You may have glowing beautiful skin, if you follow a three day fast on fruits and fruit juices. Just eat fruits and drink fruit juices for three days. It will remove all waste products from your skin, making it glow.
  • You may relish certain fruits that are highly beneficial for good health.

covered in brown hairy skin, kiwi is small fruit. It is good source of magnesium, fiber, vitamin E and potassium. Kiwi is richest source of vitamin C, which is two times more compared to orange


It is fulfills an oldest saying” an apple a day, keep the doctor away” even though apple has low content of vitamin C, it possesses flavonoids and antioxidants. They encourage the activities of vitamin C. Thus, helps in lowering down the risk of heart attack, stroke, and colon cancer.


one of the richest sources of vitamin C – orange is highly beneficial to regain loss of energy. Consuming two to three oranges in a day will keep away the cold and cough. They are also effective in lowering down the LDL cholesterol and prevent formation of kidney stones.

Guava and Papaya:

They are awarded by nutritionist for rich source of vitamin C. These fruits contain the highest amount of vitamin C. Apart from this; guava is also rich candidate for fiber that keeps away from constipation. Papaya is good source of carotene. The intake of papaya keeps your eyes healthy.


strawberries are world wide admired for its richness in antioxidants. Antioxidants guard our body from numerous infection and diseases. They protect our body from cancerous cells, blood vessels that blocks free radicals in your body.

Enjoy good health with good fruits. Follow some precautions to stay healthy.

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