Left brain right brain theory

We usually think that why two people never think in similar manner. Perceptions differ according to the individuals. Brain is an integral and crucial part of the human body.  We all have got one brain, but even then why do we follow the concept of left brain right brain? The different thinking between two people, lead to the discovery of left brain right brain concept. Many researchers had come across with different theories, but they were unable to prove the concept.

Roger. W. Sperry, an American psycho biologist, discovered and developed the concept of two brains- left brain right brain theory. He successfully explained and proved people the exact functioning of brain. It was found out that human brain has two different ways of thinking because of two unlike brain. The right side of the brain concentrates more on visual and images while, the left side of the brain deals with the verbal power. In more simple words, people thinking from left side of the brain are more logistical, objective, and methodical. While, the right brained people are more creative, subjective, and thoughtful.

Left brain right brainThe Nobel award winner of the year 1981, Roger .W. Sperry revealed, we could lessen the effect of seizures by cutting the corpus, which connects the two hemispheres. The right side of the brain is regarded as wonderful on creative tasks. Right brained people can very easily perform task like expressing emotions, playing musical instruments, recognizing images, faces, and colors, revealing strong intuitive, can read emotions and command on creativity. And the left brained are amazing in logical thinking, questioning, language and numerical subjects, and crucial thinking.

There are lot of difference between right brain and left brain.

The right brained generally has specific characteristics such as:
  • Concentrates more on images and visual
  • Act according to intuition
  • Use mind camera to remember things or write down things
  • Checks the whole image and then turn to details
  • Lack of organization
  • Randomly makes plans
  • Difficulty in finding spelling or collecting word
  • No punctuality
  • Like more to touch and feel
  • Never follows instruction before handling any equipment
  • Express with hand gestures
  • Very creative brain
  • Question the rules
While, left brained people possess different characteristics like as:
  • More inclination towards verbal, symbols, numbers, and words
  • Act according to analytical thinking
  • Try to remember with the help of words or names instead of using faces and images
  • Makes logical decision
  • Performs the task step by step
  • Very much organized
  • Follow their planning and schedules
  • Abide by rules and regulations
  • Highly punctual
  • Grasp mathematical formulas and numbers easily
  • Like to observe
  • Avoids the use of hand gestures
  • Practical and logistic

We hope this differentiation in characteristics will help you in understanding the brain theory.

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